Executive Coaching and HR Consulting

needYou may have come to this site because you are experiencing a need for a good business consultant. Or, maybe you are not convinced. “How can someone who doesn’t know my business help me accomplish things and solve problems?”
Not everyone with business savvy can be a consultant. You must possess the ability to absorb new information quickly and assimilate the processes and culture of the organization that you are consulting for. Executive Coach & HR specialist Alfredo Cabrera has this uncanny ability. His career in HR and management gave him this ability. He also quickly understands the individual that he is coaching, learning their personality and traits so that he can best advise them.

Specifically, Freddy Cabrera gives you knowledge and solutions in these areas:

  • Improving Communication Skills
  • People Management/Team Management
  • Career Advancement/Promotions – transition into a new position
  • Human Resources Development (Diversity, Talent, Succession, etc.)

He does this through dedicated Executive Coaching and HR Consulting. View the Services page. Freddy welcomes your calls and online inquiries.